Does Google Allow AdSense Revenue Sharing?

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It is unclear if Google allows people to do revenue sharing with Google AdSense. For example, back in May of 2004 DigitalPoint Forums began a revenues share AdSense program. Basically, you can plug in your AdSense Publisher ID into your profile at DigitalPoint Forums and for every thread you create, you can share the revenue with the forums.

If you have an AdSense account, you can enter your client ID here. You then have a 50% chance that the AdSense ads displayed are credited to your account on threads you participate in.

But is this allowed? There is no direct answer in Google's Terms of Service but one member has a long Q&A thread with Google at DigitalPoint Forums. One question and answer reads as follows:

Q : Is it allowed for displaying the google ads code at any sharing revenue forum?

A : Please note that Google does not endorse or encourage the use of ad code rotation. We recommend that you review the AdSense Terms and Conditions found on, and exercise caution if you choose to rotate the ad code on your forum. All AdSense participants are responsible for ensuring that pages showing their ad code comply with AdSense policies and that invalid clicks are not generated on sites showing their ads.

It does not discuss revenue sharing but it does say that they do "not endorse or encourage the use of ad code rotation." Heck, I use ad rotation here.

The second part seems like if your publisher ID is on a site that generates invalid clicks, you have to be worried. So if for example, DigitalPoint forums generated invalid clicks (not saying it does), and you plug in your AdSense ID and someone clicks on the ad, when your AdSense ID is present, then you are held accountable. At least that is how I understand it.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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BJ Wright

10/13/2006 11:38 pm

Wow! this is an awesome concept, I am definitely going to be reading more over the terms of service. Thanks for the post.


10/17/2006 08:25 am

I contacted Google about a year ago regarding this matter, and there reply was essentially that AdSense Revenue Sharing was allowed, as long as you guarantee that for each page only ONE publisher ID is used. In other words, you should not display GoogleAds on one page for more than one publisher at a time.

Deepak Kamble

01/03/2008 10:15 pm

Does any one know if a person wants to start his own adrevenue Sharing forum like digital point forum then what all should he do? & what about the permission from google & the percentage of revenue sharing. Plz email me at


02/01/2008 06:55 pm

Here is the most comprehensive list of Revenue Sharing websites I have come across. Hope some of you find it helpful.

David Methew

02/26/2008 08:35 am

I have checked the google TOS and found nothing against the Google Adsense Revenue Sharing, Also,I have started my adsense revenue sharing forums, DP earning is very low because they are giving only 50% of add display, with minumum posts of 50 however we are offering 90% of earnings with mim post of 20 only. Difference is very clear. So, Join now and you will see the difference in your adsense accout soon in weeks. I am sure that at one stage (possible in near future) we will take only 0.1% from our forum and rest all will be given to member that start new threads by reviewing products.


10/15/2008 10:08 am

very interesting discussion, I am actually testing at digital point because i think it is very nice to play learn and test for revenue sharing, and also thanks David Methew for your forum as well.


03/02/2009 04:31 am also offers adsense revenue sharing for classified ads posted by users. They say it allows you to passively earn money for posting even if what you've listed doesn't result in a sale. Check out


03/14/2009 11:49 pm

I consider great revenue sharing, for webmasters that don't want to increase there website traffic, because more traffic means problems with the website hosting company, that will want to move you to VPS or dedicated server.

Mr. Saturated

05/04/2009 04:51 am

Hey, great post. I've been on a few sites that ask if new members would like to participate in adsense revenue sharing.. but didnt know whether or not that was officially allowed by google. thanks for clearing things up.

No Name

05/25/2009 09:57 pm

I would really recommend Hubpages. It's not a forum, you write articles and you have your Adsense ads shown 60% of time.

No Name

09/24/2009 03:59 am

So far adsense revenue sharing is concerned, google completely allows adsense revenue sharing for more than one publisher ID on one page provided that the number of ads would remain within the permissible number. Google has clearly discussed it within their blog. Read the entry


12/21/2009 10:20 pm

wow its nice am thinking to join ad sharing forum am already digitalpoint forum members :) thanks guyz


03/24/2010 05:42 pm

well, as per google TOS, we can't show ads on a single page with multiple publisherId see live demo for blog which is 100 % Adsense revenue shariing programe. so, i think google had only concern with its TOS only .. if it maintain then they don't have obligation


11/22/2010 11:21 am

Interesting discussion. I am using few of those sites that allow revenue sharing in adsense impressions for long time (my favorite is and I think that there is NO problem with rotating ads as soon as TOS are not violated in therms of bad behavior, or in other words, as soon as no one trying to cheat.

Brian P

12/20/2010 07:17 pm

Yes they do allow revenue sharing. You can even see their API revenue sharing program.

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