Is The Yahoo! Directory Worth The Money?

Sep 6, 2006 • 7:26 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Web Directory

Andy Hagans at the Link Building Blog wrote his Final Word on the Yahoo! Directory, saying the $299 per year for the listing is well worth the money. I tend to agree, I feel that the listing does add some level of trust to your organic results, be it Google, MSN or Yahoo!

There are some down sides to having the listing, if they screw up your title in the Directory, then you are stuck with it not just for the directory, but also for your the listing in the Yahoo! Search results. That is why I am still pleading with Yahoo! to please enable a No Yahoo! Directory Tag, I assume one day they will - maybe part of Yahoo! Site Explorer.

WE have also seen evidence that a listing may not be automatically removed after one year. Earlier this year, we had reports that Yahoo! Directory Listings Last Longer Then a Year for good or bad. If for some reason, a person find the Yahoo! Directory page, and you have a high popularity rank, you can outrank some of your competitors on that long list, because Yahoo! Directory Ranks Pages by Popularity. Heck, I am number three on the main category I am listed on, and I am number one in the New York region, outranking huge Web consulting firms like, Razorfish, and others.

There were also loopholes to getting into the Yahoo! Directory, but if that doesn't work for you. There is a guy at DigitalPoint Forums who is guaranteeing listings in the Yahoo! Directory for only $60 and yes, people have been saying that this guy is delivering.

So the final word on the Yahoo! Directory, I agree - it is worth it, especially for $60.

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums and DigitalPoint Forums.

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Paul Zhao

09/06/2006 01:51 pm

When did Yahoo directory switch back to direct links? I remember a while back (about 6 months ago), they link to a dynamic URL that did a 302 redirect to the actual site.

Barry Schwartz

09/06/2006 01:57 pm

Yea, I see that also, not sure when they switched back.


09/07/2006 04:18 am

I think using their free RSS feature is much more effective with pratically no cost. ================================== Search more efficiently at

Barry Schwartz

09/07/2006 10:54 am

Kevin, but that is for inclusion into Yahoo SEarch. This is the Yahoo Directory...


02/08/2007 02:51 am

I'm still debating whether or not Yahoo! Directory is worth it for my Ecommerce site. Our niche in the directory happens to be a healthy PR5 so it'd be a nice linkback regardless of any traffic it drives in.

No Name

06/04/2008 10:39 pm

not worth it unless you have a big budget, there are so many free and cheap directory's these days. $300 each year, what will be your ROI? i heard from others they receive barely any visits from their yahoo paid listing, but they keep paying the price because they scared that their rank will fall if they cancel their subscription, thing is if you want to just have high rank, there are many ways to do that then keep paying the $300/year


01/21/2011 01:18 pm

I'm considering it just for the backlinks, I doubt that many people actually use Yahoo Directory to find stuff.

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