More Changes to Google's Related (Similar Pages) Command

Aug 29, 2006 • 8:11 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Part of the recent Google Update that was really not a full update, by any standards, was that the Google Related command has been updated. Back in mid-July we reported that Related Search Command Changes at and it looks like more changes have occurred to it.

The related command is when you type into Google or click on the "Similar pages" link in the search results.


How do you test the new results? Use the IP and give it a shot. They seem much more on topic then they are now at There is currently a nice result set for

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Matt Cutts

08/29/2006 05:19 pm

People should have spoken up that they use related: a while ago. :) Few enough people were using it that we decided to experiment with how to compute the data a little bit. I expect we'll make up our mind and standardize how we compute the related: data within a few months..

Barry Schwartz

08/29/2006 06:56 pm

Matt, it is a link in the SERPs, you would think Google would find it important. ;-) Just messing. I never use it, so don't spend much time fixing it. Kidding...

Suresh Chowhan

09/01/2006 04:40 am

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