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Conduct a search on five seo excuses and the top five five results in Google are listed excuses. Pretty cute SEO trick by this guy. I assume all it takes is a bit of linkage pointing for that anchor text to make this happen, but kudos for thinking the concept up.


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08/24/2006 02:20 pm

You really should have given the guy a link to his blog. The


08/24/2006 03:10 pm

Clever, with those subdomains; kudos to him for getting them in that order :-)

Leon Schwartz

08/24/2006 08:54 pm

Clever - but I would never use them to help me use SEO to become more competitive. I guess I am old fashioned, but I wouldn't trust anyone who spells competitive wrong (five times in one paragraph-at least he's consistent) to help me. In fact, when you Google "competetive", Google returns: "Did you mean: competitive ?"

Barry Schwartz

08/24/2006 09:08 pm

Hey Dad, SEO's target those misspelled keywords some time - or at least they say they do after the fact. ;-)


08/25/2006 01:34 am

Hmm, yahoo <a href=""></a> <img src="">


08/27/2006 04:00 pm

Interestingly enough, non of the sub domains have any PageRank at all. Only the Virante (to which you are redirected when you visit site has currently a 4. No backward links to the subs either. Only the sub sites are links to eachother. I am just a beginner on the SEO front, but I thought is would be more complicated to get ranked high in the search engines

SEO Montreal

09/07/2006 03:33 am

I think it's a pretty entertaining tactic. The question is: does this scale to more competitive keywords? Is it a plausible strategy to aim for not only the first ranking, but the first five rankings? Or the first 10?

Name Here

10/20/2006 09:18 pm

Y'know, I actually find this pretty damn clever. In terms of return on effort invested, it's dubious but I give him props for planting a very neat gimmick in the Google results (an "Easter egg" of sorts!). But points off for the misspelling.

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