Feedback on Google Wifi (GoogleWifi) in Mountain View

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So, two days ago, Google announced Google is providing a free WiFi network under "GoogleWifi" (802.11b/g) in Mountain View, CA (see SEW Blog). But does it work well? What are the concerns of using it? Where else is it wanted? That is what we learn from the forums. I have tracked the discussion at WebmasterWorld & DigitalPoint Forums.

incrediBILL at WebmasterWorld comments on how Google can/will use this data, the traffic and usage data, to control the world (exaggerating here).

This free WiFi nonsense is a very dangerous precedent IMO as taking revenue away from ISPs will result in the end of 'net neutrality as the service providers seek ways to replace all the lost income.

But does it even work? dnielsen writes;

I'm sitting here in the middle of Mtn View, looking at my wireless network options. GoogleWiFi is one of them, but it shows only 2 out of 5 bars. Perhaps this GoolgeWiFi is still in Beta!

But dnielsen was able to post at WebmasterWorld his experience using GoogleWifi on the Google Wifi network.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld & DigitalPoint Forums.

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Mark Frank

08/20/2006 07:05 pm

I have not tested *Google* Wifi yet, but I use a FREE Wifi encryption software called "iPig" ( )at any public hotspot that I use (and I travel a lot ). So no hotspot owner or nearby hacker can intercept my emails, chat etc. Mark

Sailor Moon

08/21/2006 12:21 am

Ho Hum. There's a world outside San Francisco you know. Even if 90% venture capital for internet businesses is in Silicon Valley, less than 5% of potential revenue comes from there. No wonder why we keep seeing internet bubbles again and again. Google's stunt will intimidate the competition and impress the blowhards of the blogosphere, but it doesn't mean a thing for the rest of us.

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