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Yesterday at the SEW Blog I posted about the first six videos Matt Cutts launched with SEO tips. Well, Matt released two more videos today, and they are worth a listen to (not necessarily a looking at). You can view all his videos at (plus some others) at mattcutts label in Google Video. Here is a break down:

Outstanding stuff Matt, outstanding!

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Michael Martinez

08/02/2006 05:11 pm

These videos should be mandatory viewing for anyone just getting into SEO. And the rest of us should review them once or twice a year. Thanks for the quick indexing of the videos. I don't say it often enough: you guys do a great job here at the RoundTable and I check this site almost every day (several times a day some weeks).

drew stauffer

08/03/2006 03:15 pm

This is great!!

Dave Callan

08/04/2006 08:39 am

I seen some people ask for transcripts of Matts videos, I have done up a summaries post for the first five videos and it is located :: which although not transcripts as such, is not far off.


07/06/2009 04:55 pm

Thanks for the SEO Video list from Matt Cutts. I agree, anyone building or thinking about building a website should watch these. We've also create some <a href="">onsite SEO Videos</a> to help website owners look at their onsite SEO and evaluate it for possible improvements.


06/25/2012 10:40 am

Thanks for the SEO Video list from Matt Cutts.

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