Search Engine Roundtable On The Air Soon: Reader Feedback Requested

Jul 17, 2006 • 12:16 pm | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Blog Administration

We hope to be launching a weekly radio show in conjunction with WebmasterRadio.FM. The show will be live one day per week, for one hour straight. It will include a weekly roundup of select topics we discussed here. The cool part is that Ben, Chris and I will all be conducting the show at the same time. I suspect I will lead the conversation, but you will hear from Ben and Chris as much as you hear from me. Oh, and yes, we tend to disagree on select topics. Expect a launch date and schedule to be posted about the show within the next few weeks.

Right now, we need your help in deciding a name. I personally like the name "The Search Pulse." It goes along with our tag line, "the pulse of the search marketing community." And it resembles how we dig deep into the community to learn what is really important to the industry and not what press releases deem to be important. Anyway, here is a poll with all the option. Feel free to add new ideas in the comments area or in start a thread in our forums.

Scroll down for the poll please.Poll now closed: Results were...

The Search Pulse is the winner with 67% of the vote (18). Followed by The Search Beat with 22% of the vote (6). Then The Search Buzz, The Search Report, The Search Report and Search Forum Digest with one vote each, 4% each. The Search Digest didn't get any of the votes. Total number of votes is 27.

So I suspect we will be going with The Search Pulse or a flavor of that, based on the comments below.

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07/18/2006 02:25 am

To be honest, I did not recognize that "The Pulse of the Search Marketing Community" is your tagline. Why don't you leverage your existing (and proven) brand, in Search Engine Roundtable? Search Engine Roundtable : The Pulse After thinking about a few names, this was the winner for me. Utilizes both your brand and your mantra, while "The Pulse" is resonant with a webcast/radio show. Roundtable & Pulse also indicate the type of show it is while everyone immediately realizes that the show is run by those dudes at SER.

Barry Schwartz

07/18/2006 02:29 am

Good idea, Ill discuss it with WebmasterRadio.


07/18/2006 10:05 am

Hate the word "Digest" make me think of bad bad food ;)


07/18/2006 12:49 pm

congrats barry and crew i thought the obvious name choice would be search engine roundradio :)

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