SEO and Guarantees: Like Oil and Water

Jun 30, 2006 • 4:13 pm | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under SEM / SEO Companies

So you are considering outsourcing search engine optimization, and you have in front of you a statement that guarantees you will get rankings. Should you be impressed? Should you laugh out loud? The answer is and always has been "buyer beware." It is virtually impossible to trust a guarantee of true organic listings within any search engines results page for any keyword phrase, no matter how obscure.

A recent thread at WebMasterWorld Forums has a member posting a promise that comes up about every few months in the big forums:

I was shown an SEO services offer with all the normal submission to 400+ engines, resubmission, keyword research etc. etc. etc. but with one strange new entry Guaranteed Google Listings
The bogus 400+ submissions jargon aside, this is just an invitation to disappointment, in the opinion of many of the responding members. One of the best replies came quickly from 5400 post monster TrillianJedi, who says:
Never trust any SEO (no matter who they are) that says they can guarantee you a position in the SERPS.

Personally, I feel this is not only an invitation to disappointment, but actually a possible invitation to disaster. If you enter into a business relationship with any company that guarantees search engine rankings within the organic (free) results, you may become the subject of future Google or other search engine bans, because if someone is guaranteeing rankings, chances are they are not doing it legitimately within the webmaster guidelines. OK I’ll get off my white hat horse now and let others comment.

Please join the discussion at WebMasterWorld Forums. There is also a nice older thread at Search Engine Watch Forums related to this, and you can find an even older thread back at WMW.

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07/01/2006 12:42 am

if the SEO pro promises certain results or your money back, then I think that's fine. However, beware of any consultant who guarantees a certain result.


07/01/2006 01:58 pm

Unfortunately many unaware web owners are led to believe that an SEO activity must guarantee just like any lawyer cannot guarantee that he is going to win the case in court. If you are dealing with a professional you may have high expectations of the outcome of any SEO activities. I personally disagree with the previous comment simply because any change in ranking is simply out of control: I once did a site and results showed up after non less than 6 months – how can you draw a line and say “money back” if you're not satisfied, try this approach with a lawyer and see who'll be willing to represent you in court ... I personally am rejecting any new Clients requesting guaranteed results. Established relationships have gone beyond this concept. But I do believe in my work and being fare and normally share the risk with the Client and will not demand full payment before results are available. Sante

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