Expected Downtime Over Weekend

Jun 30, 2006 • 7:24 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Blog Administration

This site, as well as some of my other sites, will be moving to a new hosting location. The same server, just a different location. The move is suppose to take place tomorrow morning, when I do not update the site. So most of you will not be affected. Just wanted to inform you of this prior.

Any problems that you notice with the site, the feeds or anything else, please let me know at barry.schwartz@gmail

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07/06/2006 01:00 pm

I saw your posting on SEOroundtable.com, and it mimics what I’m about to do with my company’s website(s). We are going to add another T1 line for our website (due to traffic issues – good news), as well as transfer to Quest for our host. Like you, we will have the same server, same domain name(s), but a different host. I’m wondering what this will do to my SERPs, if anything. Do you have any experience to draw from? Advice?

Barry Schwartz

07/06/2006 01:58 pm

Should have no effect.

Barry Schwartz

07/12/2006 10:29 pm


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