How to Place a Company in the Wikipedia?

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There is no doubt that Wikipedia entries tend to rank well in the search engines these days. Many SEOs would like to get their company, products and services listed in the Wikipedia because of this. So how can you write a Wikipedia entry and have the best possible chances that the entry will remain and, more importantly, grow within the Wikipedia community?

Added: Wikipedia has a notability criteria guideline, which describes how the authors of the Wikipedia should address certain issues such as, listing companies, products and services, recommendations of such and more.

That is the current question at a Search Engine Watch Forums thread named Help Getting My Company Into Wikipedia.

Jeff Watts from National Instruments gives a presentation at SES conferences where he talks specifically about this. We covered the session twice, one time at NYC and the other at Chicago. He provided excellent details on what makes a Wiki entry stick and what make the Wiki entry snip.

The Wikipedia is "self-regulating," meaning the community itself is quick to remove content that they deem inappropriate or promotional. That is why it is critical to write the Wiki entries in an unbiased manner, from a "neutral point of view." When writing the entry, use data, facts and stats, do not give the promotional swing to it. Do not try to embed links in your content, that would happen naturally on its own, just don't do it to start - let the community do it for you. In short, be dry - put up product specs and not product marketing materials.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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05/09/2006 02:19 pm

One of the reasons I use Squidoo is because I believe it will grow like Wikipedia. And getting your company in there is dead simple.

Search Engines WEB

05/09/2006 08:07 pm

Individuals and Companies are placed in Wikipedia - and not removed - but it depends on their Status or the effect that there Company or Service has on society. Editors intuitively know when the additions will be a quality information resource for their readers Here are a few examples:


05/10/2006 10:42 pm

I can as a wikipedia admin tell you that if your article has been deleted only once before, your chances to succeed are second to none, a previous record not only shows up clearly and visible on the admin interface, but also makes a short process out of the deletion of the article. I could tell you a dozen of things that would let you fly under our radar, but there's an unwritten law on not letting you know that, too ( ). I'm just letting you know that the art of sneaking stuff into Wikipedia is far from perfected :)

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