Yahoo! Search Buzz All Time Low?

May 1, 2006 • 8:05 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine & Yahoo SEO

I have been tracking forum discussions for years now and one thing I have been noticing over the past several months is how Yahoo! has been losing a lot of the internal forum buzz. Let me clarify that this does not apply to the Yahoo! Search Marketing or Yahoo! Publisher Network side of things, but rather the Yahoo! Search organic side. The forum buzz, to me, it seems, is at an all time low.

Who is to blame here? I don't know? Is Yahoo! not exciting anymore? Does Yahoo! not send enough qualified organic traffic for it to matter to SEMs? Is the lack of some old and well-known search representatives participation in the community having an impact? Is it that Yahoo! Search results seem to be not as relevant as the competitors? Is it all of them?

One personal result that bothers me is that a search on rustybrick doesn't list as number one. Google seems to have no problems with it, MSN gets it kinda right, does a superb job (I even got binoculars). Some people are blaming the recent Yahoo! Search issues to an RSS handling issue but I see enough evidence to prove that wrong sometimes and sometimes not wrong (depends on when you search - which is bad, really bad.

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Neil Patel

05/01/2006 04:33 pm

I have seen similar problems with Yahoo. Unlike Google and MSN they do not always rank your website for your company name while Google and MSN do. In some cases it has taken companies 6 months (if not longer) for their name to show up on Yahoo.

Search Engines WEB

05/01/2006 08:53 pm

Yahoo has certainly made dramatic strides since the early days of its revision But examining the issue futher....Yahoo had been a very popular Human edited directory - - so it was virtually impossible to spam those initial results ... most searches ended there in the early days of non sophisticated queries. Many searchers never got as far as needing to use the Altavista or Inktomi "add-ons" Years later, Yahoo used Google as their first Organic SERPs, then again, making them high quality for a couple of years. Now suddenly,... taking Inktomi and attempting to develop it into another Google - - means basically STARTING ALL OVER - - since they NEVER were a Search Engine before. Yes, Yahoo NEVER WAS A SEARCH ENGINE ...hard to believe but true :LOL Now with Google offering so many portal-like features (that they call LABS) --- there isn't as much need to go to Yahoo. And, MSN has the DEEP DEEP DEEP pockets to develop with.

Hawaii SEO

05/01/2006 09:01 pm

Interesting… I noticed you also have sponsored links for the official website in all the search engines but MSN. Which engine delivers the most organic visits as a % of total? Is Yahoo! the most expensive as well as the lowest quality? I also can’t believe another NY SEO company is bidding on your name in Google. Business Fruition Enterprises Inc.? Who the hell are they? Some people have no class. Aloha, Dave.

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