Search Engine Commemorate Earth Day 2006

Apr 28, 2006 • 7:52 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Search Topics

Earth Day was this past Sunday and there was a ton of news and blog buzz on the search engines being creative with their engines on that day however, there were no threads in our forums. Today, I finally noticed a thread at DigitalPoint Forums about the special day. The thread creator notes which engines made an effort for Earth Day and which did not - also asking you to comment on which you find to be your favorite.1) Google google-earth-06.gif

2) Yahoo! yahoo-earth-06.gif

3) ask-earth-06-s.gif View Large Image

3) Dogpile dogpile-earth-06.gif

4) MSN (no change) does its standard Google Doodle and link to a search. Yahoo! does a simple but nice logo change, but links to a special, protal-like, earth day page. redoes the whole homepage, most drastic change - like they did with St. Patrick's Day and links to a search. Dogpile, goes nuts as normal. MSN does nothing, as normal.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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Razib Ahmed

04/28/2006 01:45 pm

I liked change of dogpile. It reminds of me nature in the busy urban life. Yahoo's change is too small to notice. Dogpile's image is very pretty too and it is a pleasing scene because of the use of green color.


05/05/2006 03:26 pm

I really like the change in ask because giving a picture of earth is really cool. And it made me think that everything in that place got to be clean and friendly otherwise we have no pace to go.

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