Search Engine Watch Has Strong Bias Towards Last Names With "S"

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Search Engine Watch is the industry leading resource for search news and tips, has been forever. Danny Sullivan started the site and then brought on Chris Sherman to help out. Since then, Gary Price came on to help out but then took a job with I then came on board to help fill Gary's void. Jennifer Slegg came on to blog on contextual ads, soon after Brain Smith came on to blog on shopping and vertical search and now Bill Slawski came on to blog on patents & search research. See where I am getting out.

  • Danny Sullivan
  • Chris Sherman
  • Barry Schwartz
  • Jennifer Slegg
  • Brain Smith
  • Bill Slawski
  • and Elisabeth Osmeloski

Everyone on the SEW staff page have last names that start with an "S" except for Elisabeth.

Now, think about it. Danny's last name starts with an "S" and so does Chris Sherman. Both Danny and Chris are the big decision makers at SEW. Maybe they only like people with last names that start with S? Maybe? You think it may have anything to do with the industry name? Search Engine Marketing? The "S" in search? How about the name of the company, "Search Engine Watch," an other "S."

Chris Boggs suggests that maybe Gary Price was forced out? Maybe? There is no conflict of interest with Price as a last name at

If you are upset about this, like many are, join the forum thread at Search Engine Watch Forums.

Disclaimer: (1) I wrote this yesterday, I will not be blogging today and tomorrow - please expect blog entries from the other authors over the next two days. (2) This is a joke post, and should be seen as pure sarcasm.

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04/19/2006 12:32 pm

I really think there is more here than meets the eye. One important point that you failed to note concerns the sole exception the last name pattern. This individual "just happens" to spell her first name using an "s" -- Elisabeth. Most people with this name spell it Elizabeth. Surely this could not be a pure coincidence; this is further evidence confirming their discriminatory hiring practices.

Razib Ahmed

04/19/2006 12:52 pm

Poor Elisabeth Osmeloski. She must feel alone and under pressure with everyone a last name begining with s. I wonder how she got the work and now how she is putting up with the pressure. So, hopefully there will another post in which you cast some light about this matter. Thanks for the humorous post. I think everyone enjoyed it.


04/19/2006 05:15 pm

It's also strange that one person's name is "Brain." I can't count the number of times that people call me Brain in emails. Hopefully that's a good thing.

Jeffrey DeArmond

04/20/2006 08:15 pm

Are pertinent post worthy stories surrounding SEM really that scarce? I doubt it! This is the most unworthy post I have ever seen on SEW. Sad not funny.

Barry Schwartz

04/21/2006 03:06 am

I guess I am not allowed to have any fun anymore Jeffrey.

Chris Boggs

04/21/2006 12:02 pm

haha what a crock. some people just take the "s" out of fun... :p

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