Google Related Links Officially Released

Apr 4, 2006 • 8:36 am | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Google has now officially released Google Related Links which is now part of the Google Labs project. I first reported evidence of this last month at the SEW blog, and now Danny has the official write up.

Let's implement!

(1) Go to
(2) Click Get Related Links
(3) I selected small banner size
(4) I selected the default two link types including "Searches" and "News."
(5) I then selected the Grey color
(6) And it generated the code for me, here is the output.

My only question is why is the "related searches" showing a search for "Search Engins" spelled wrong?

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04/04/2006 01:16 pm

I wonder what practical uses of these related links we can think of?

Barry Schwartz

04/04/2006 01:30 pm

Just a way to extend the web to your users. Much like Yahoo!'s <a href="">Y!Q</a>.

Jaimie Sirovich

04/04/2006 01:54 pm

No way to monetize this. Quite frankly, any site that you want to make money on (most of us in the SEO community, this is going to be a net negative in the sense that you'll lose leads to other sites. The content is also non-spiderable, so you won't get any biscuits for content either. I'm not interested yet :)

Barry Schwartz

04/04/2006 02:02 pm

I see value in this, even though I can not directly monetize it.


04/04/2006 03:02 pm

I ran a quick series of test sites (see link) - it's faster than Adsense, uses the same bot but brings lower quality links. Sigh. At least it should offer some higher value to the visitor when it doesn't offer any money to the webmaster...

Michael Martinez

04/04/2006 05:29 pm

I link to related sites (for free!) all the time. Why should I trust Google to select those sites for me? But since they are only making it easily available to sites with less than 10,000 visitors a day, I guess that doesn't matter for me. Or do they mean "pages" with less than 10,000 visitors a day?


04/04/2006 06:27 pm

I think they mean 10,000 requests per day. Alot of webmasters don't know what that means so they say visitors. Most people would only put this on a homepage anyway so 1 request per user. +/- a few hundred :) Just speculation.


04/11/2006 06:46 am

What's the point of this? There's AdSense already. Why promote Google for free with this useless banner?

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