New SEO Scam; SEOs Warning Google Will Ban Site

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There is a new SEO scam out there, one that seems honest and forth coming. A reported SEO calls site owners that have well-established rankings in the search engines. They warn them that Google will be banning their Web site and that they should switch over to his SEO company so they can fix the issues prior to being banned. The so-called SEO lists reasons why the site will be banned, such as some bad links (that are out of the control of most site owners) and then gives examples of other sites that have been banned, such as BMW, BigMouthMedia and Traffic Power.

The thread at HighRankings Forum documents this very nicely. After the Web site owner discovered this person was up to no good, and declined the person's services. The scammer sent the Web site owner back and email; "I make sure to report you to Google for link farming. I'm sorry. Your website will be banned and you will not be able to be found on Google not even with your company name." How professional?

Forum discussion at HighRankings Forum.

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03/20/2006 02:04 pm

Perhaps this scum of the earth should be banned themselves. Hopefully, whoever got contacted by them reported them to Google first. :)


03/20/2006 08:27 pm

Man, this is bad, many SEO companies are desperate these days...


04/18/2006 01:22 am

Here's another blog about Paramount Webmasters.

Terrence Lord

01/03/2007 06:18 pm

These guys just called me - mid December - and I've just gotten around to researching them only to discover Leanne's thread. Too bad she closed the disccusion in her forum because the same guy who is mentioned in all the posts - Dennis Gascon - is the one who called me. His pitch has changed a bit - he didn't threaten me - but he was making some wild statements about the way Google's algorithm functions. He even went so far as to say that the algorithm isn't actually a secret and any good SEO technician has figured it out - like him. I just thought you ought to know.


04/21/2007 04:09 am

I was scammed by Denis also and he and this company some how obtained my credit card information and posted over $2000. I have about 15 emails back and forth with this guy who says I placed an order with them to design a website which they just copied one of my existing sites. I am persuing legal action against them.


04/21/2007 04:16 am

When I asked Denis Glascon for a copy of the document I had signed hiring them and allowing them to charge to my credit card, I was told they don't use any agreements. This guy and this company are pure trash. They will lie, cheat and steal from you. I asked Denis for a list of referances and was told they don't supply those. Now, how many of you fine SEO companies do not supply people with a list of your customers? Do not do business with Paramount Webmasters or Denis Glascon.

Ari Manes

10/28/2009 06:54 pm

I feel that I was taken advantage of and, would like to recommend that folks not only do research before signing on with an SEO company, but, figure what they want....

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