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Mar 8, 2006 • 7:49 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

Microsoft launched an other search engine today under the name of Windows Live Search. Personally, I hate it. (1) It doesn't work on Apple Safari. (2) It seems to be using an AJAX interface, which seems to load slow. (3) The UI is different enough from the standard to be annoying. (4) It looks like you can only get 20 results, I am not sure how to get more at this time (looking at it for a minute or two).

Chris Sherman has his write up here where he said that the "differences between Windows Live Search and MSN search appear to be largely cosmetic with the introduction of this beta, with the addition of some additional user interface controls and a few other features."

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03/08/2006 02:35 pm

I just tried Live Search and by scrolling down with the funny scroll bar, I was able to get to result #249 (same as MSN). martin


03/08/2006 04:14 pm

Yep..even i tried this search bar and am able to get more results, the little scroll bar icon on the right does the trick. Image search is also AJAXed with previews.


03/09/2006 01:10 am

I agree with the hatred. I was discussing said hatred with a co-worker, when I made a very humorous discovery. There's a screenshot on my blog at ( or do a search for 'this search sucks'.

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