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The latest craze in the SEO world is to write articles for the purpose of link building. Everyone is doing it these days, there are companies that specialize in writing content for search engines, there are companies that put it in their link building plans. But as time moves on with SEO, tactics to rank well changes. I believe the fundamentals to not change but influencing those rankings, when the core of your work is not 100% true, does change. What do I mean by that?

Yesterday, some person calls me asking me my advice on having a company write articles for him to build up his linkage and page count. I asked him, how long have you been in business? He said about a year or so. I asked him, are you an expert on what you sell? He said, not really. I asked him, can you write about your business and products? He said, no not really, there is nothing much I can say about them. Then I told him, you can pay someone to add content to your site, but I am not sure about how beneficial it will be in the long run.

He then continues by explaining that this company told him that they can write the content because they are experts in search engines. They tailor the content to the search engines, he told me. I laughed at that. I said the whole purpose these days is to write content that people want to link to. Search engine do not give you links that are counted to your link popularity. You need to write content that others want to link to. And in my opinion, if you are not passionate about what you are writing, then it will be hard to get links pointing to your content. So that content will just count towards your page index count and nothing more.

A good thread at Search Engine Watch Forums sprung up last week named Recommendations on Content to Attract Links which caught my radar this morning. Justilien wrote a post that covers many of the questions one must ask himself, when writing an article. If those questions are answered positively, then you have a great change of getting inbound links to your articles, if not - then probably not. But it all boils down to, in my opinion, "writing about something you believe in" as Andy AtkinsKruger said.

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03/08/2006 06:00 am

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03/09/2006 04:39 pm

>I said the whole purpose these days is to write content that people want to link to. Search engine do not give you links that are counted to your link popularity.< Unfortunately you are both correct and incorrect (imho) about this... The current "problem" with article submissions is that grey spammers have discovered articles CAN be good for promoting and improving the rank of their sites - and the articles don't even have to be that good to get *some* results (ie $3/article eLance written articles or PLR bulk purchased - and unedited - articles...) That's because many websites use automated tools to grab articles off article directories to post to their own websites, and those programs will grab and post an article whether it's well written or not. So there will be SOME backlinks to the website featured in those articles' author resource boxes, simply due to the many many article farms and other sites that use software to find and post submitted articles on auto-pilot. However you're certainly correct that a well written, unique and informative article is leaps and bounds better than poorly written drivel, especially after the SEs figure out how to delist or lessen the PR flow from article farms. Excellent articles will make it onto the few article directory sites that manually sift through submitted articles (so only decent ones get posted to their directories) and have a much better chance of being picked up and posted in newsletters, ezines, and websites catering to the article's target audience. Obviously newsletter owners will want to send out only the best articles to their subscribers, and with a well written article featuring a link in your (tantalizing) author's resource box, many of their subscribers could be YOUR subscribers if you offer a free report or other valuable resource to those who sign up for your own newsletter. Plus, in rare cases, a valuable article could be Dugg or Farked or Slashdotted which could bring in so many potential customers and subscribers that your website's server would literally fry. :) My 2 cents and thanks for the great post! -Steve


03/23/2006 07:57 pm

I'd love to submit hundreds of duplicate articles to the article farms, except I don't want to damage my site's rank by doing stupid stuff if I can possibly avoid it. Should I be concerned about penalties from G if I do this? I'm seeing a lot of confused, contradictory, and bulls*** info on the subject. If further comments could elucidate this matter rather than adding to the obfuscation, I'd appreciate it tremendously.

Barry Schwartz

03/23/2006 08:10 pm

"to the article farms" - submit your articles to sites that are not "farms" but rather to sites that are authoritative sources on the topic.


04/03/2006 08:06 pm

article writing works as the proof is in the article you are reading right now.


09/12/2006 05:43 am

More than search engine ranking . I think it hekps to position yourself as "the Authoratative" source of that specific topic . I have found that in the case of non competitive keywords , it really does not require much to get your article ranked in top of some of the search engines.However this is an excellent way to get one way links .An lastly your article must be good enough to get back links from ten other web sites from your community

Vijay Gupta

10/24/2006 11:33 am

The subject of having good unique content and article writing has its own limits. Means it's a subject on which many of the discussions and polls have been organizing but still there is lots of to come....


10/04/2008 01:57 pm

The purpose of backlinks is to get unique visitors from the search engines. Especially if your site is built to make money. The more links pointing to your site will add authority to it and place it higher in the serps. So writing articles on your site hoping people will link to it will get you nothing but readers. If that's what you want then writing quality articles is a must. But if your intent is to make money, then it doesn't matter about readership, what matters is backlinks and search engine placement, not specifically quality content.

Mark Bronson

10/09/2009 12:39 pm

95% of your article submissions should be done automatically with software that will generate as many as you need from content that you find elsewhere, and submits it for you. In the odd occasion that you want to write something yourself, I’ve written a step by step guide check it out if you like http://www.iwritearticles.info/index-1.html Good luck guys, Mark

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