Standford University Removed Paid Links and "Hosted Pages"

Mar 7, 2006 • 7:25 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search & Web SEO Spam

The latest in Google paid links and spam scandals was brought to light yesterday in a thread named Paid Links, Hosted Doorway Pages Back At Stanford Daily at Search Engine Watch Forums. AussieWebmaster discovered a page at which served up content and ads for forex, the page has been 404ed just recently.

AussieWebmaster investigated a bit deeper and learned that The Stanford Daily only sells hosted content pages to Maverick Insight at

It has been reported at 6:42 PM (EST) that the page has been removed from The Stanford Daily. GoogleGuy came in a few hours later and posted a response, saying that he will investigate this from Google's side.

What is the big deal? Well, Stanford is where Google was born. Danny has his SEW Blog write up here.

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Dustin Frelich

03/07/2006 07:05 pm

I have to disagree with you that the big story is that both are from Stanford. What makes people stand up and take notice is that the Stanford Daily is a large university newspaper that is supposedly held to a higher standard than your run-of-the-mill spammy SEO site. And when they try to game the GOOG, that's your story.

Barry Schwartz

03/07/2006 07:13 pm

That angel works well also. :) Thank you for sharing.

Search Engines Web

03/07/2006 09:15 pm

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