Contacting MSN Search After Being Penalized

Feb 14, 2006 • 8:35 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

A WebmasterWorld thread asks address to contact MSN? where two helpful links are posted by sugarrae.

The first is a link to the contact MSN form if you have no other course of action.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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02/16/2006 03:44 am

MSN HAS COMPLETELY CHANGED ALGOs, NEW UPDATE unlike anything in months - a new look also - cleaner.... as of a few minutes ago, this may spread to all their DATACENTERS Sites have been dropped for keywords - very anti-spam, anti SEO updated ALGOS appear to be very Yahoo-like in current SERPs


04/13/2006 10:48 pm

I am unable to receive your video highlights. keeps saying videos unavailable.


06/01/2008 10:43 am

hello, i have recently got a new computer and it wont let me download msn, and i dont know whether its because my new computer vista. could someone please help me!!!

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