US Gov't to Index Web & Search for Terror Patterns

Feb 10, 2006 • 8:48 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Legal Issues in Search

A CSMonitor article says that "US plans massive data sweep."

The US government is developing a massive computer system that can collect huge amounts of data and, by linking far-flung information from blogs and e-mail to government records and intelligence reports, search for patterns of terrorist activity.

My first impression was, this was not being done now?

Found by way of Search Engine Watch Forums it looks like the folks in the forums are not too happy about this, as you can image.

That gives me goosebumps...and not in a good way

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David Ogletree

02/11/2006 05:35 am

They will spends billions to do this but yet if your car gets stolen or your credit card taken they won't lift a finger to help you. I am way more afraid of certain parts of my town than I am terrorists.


02/13/2006 12:04 pm

They've had MEMEX for years so don't see what the news is?


02/15/2006 09:33 pm

Like daaaa, after the wild west on the internet in the late 90's its a fact that everything you do on the internet including things like your phone number, pictures of your home, how much you make, blaa blaa, can all be found by anyone. So, who cares if the US Secret Police are doing this. Sheeeeeesh!


02/15/2006 09:37 pm

If we want to reduce those who steal your identity and credit cards, have those who get caught executed and stream their beheading on the internet. That would make those meth heads who steal mail think twice...enough of wimpy slow court processes... If the evidence is not just circumstantial, forget the courts....

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