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When people say in a confident way, "I own the SERPs", let me show you what they mean with a search on raspberry spanish coffee at MSN Search. I hate to point these things out, but this is just a classic example of a poorly done job of (1) a search engine showing unique pages in the SERPs and (2) someone "owning the serps".

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02/02/2006 11:46 pm

The term is a very non-competative term. So putting it in the Title tag or BLs - Those results are NOT that difficult to achieve. Looking at Google, Yahoo, and Ask - many of the same sites are appearing in them on Page One, but ASK with its SSP ALGOs has the best SERPS - these are times when their technology really shines the best. (Another example is doing a search for the query - HOME.) <B>:LOL - But the REAL FEAT would be for someone to achieve this or even - get two Domains for the term: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION on Page One on any of the majors</b> When the term was first coined <i>(a-hem)</i> and no one else used it, everytime it was used it was on Page One - But, who knew it would turn into a monster - it just seemed cute at that time.

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