Google Suggest is Racist?

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Have you tried out Google Suggest, it has been out in beta since 12/04. If not, give it a try. Try typing in "americans are" and see what it suggests. :) Try different countries and see what it suggests. Even try "yahoo is ", "google is " and so on. You may be surprised.

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01/25/2006 04:30 pm

Didn't Philipp actually build an app around this concept not too long ago? (Of course that could be said about almost anything... :)

Barry Schwartz

01/25/2006 04:33 pm

Possible, got a link to it?


01/25/2006 04:42 pm

I was wrong, I think. Not an app, but he did post about it <a href="">here</a>, in reference to someone else's original post <a href="">here</a>.


01/26/2006 01:43 pm

Is there knowledge on what they list these terms by?

Barry Schwartz

01/26/2006 01:52 pm

Popularity of searches, I believe.


01/26/2006 02:32 pm

I may have been a sheltered kid, but I find it hard to believe that the most popular "israel is" term is "israel is often used as an argument against god.", it even comes with a period at the end...

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