Are Link Request Emails Spam?

Jan 13, 2006 • 8:30 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

Are link request emails considered spam? That is the question over at a Search Engine Watch Forum thread named Is Emailing Webmasters For Links Spam?

Lets ask Google;

To indiscriminately send unsolicited, unwanted, irrelevant, or inappropriate messages, especially commercial advertising in mass quantities. Noun: electronic "junk mail".

Are these emails "unsolicited"? Most. Are these emails "unwanted"? Most. Are these emails "irrelevant"? Most. Are these emails "inappropriate"? Depends. Are these emails sent out in "mass quantities"? Many are.

In my opinion, an overwhelming percentage of link request emails are spam.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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01/16/2006 12:16 pm

Yup, I'd say at least 99% of link exchange emails are spam. Most I've seen are virtually identical, and I've never seen a well targetted one. The only time I've done anything with link exchanges is when there is also a business relationship between the 2. So the reseller I used to work for would in cases link off to a publisher site. And in more than a few cases they would also link to us, and send people to us at trade shows etc... Not out of the blue emails from people I'd never heard of before.

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