Find Sites on an IP Address with MSN Search

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This is one search feature I did not know MSN had until I was pinged by a Syndk8 Forum Member about this thread which has the details (I know the forum is locked down, sorry). Basically, if you do a search in this format at msn search; ip: you get a listing of all the sites hosted on that particular server. The information on this search feature is written up at MSN's Web Search Help page.

Locked down forum discussion at Syndk8 Forums.

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Donna D. Fontenot

01/10/2006 01:59 pm

Not exactly. One server may have different IPs on it. That command will show which sites share and IP, but if the server hosts multiple IPs, then it won't show all the other sites on the same server, but under different IPs. I tested it with my sites to be sure. Still a handy command though.

Barry Schwartz

01/10/2006 02:01 pm

Right, sorry - wrote it too fast. Go by the title of the entry. "Find Sites on an IP Address with MSN Search". Sorry about that. Thanks for clarifying.


01/11/2006 12:36 pm

It's also good to see how many URLs MSN is confusing under the same IP because of 302 Redirections!!


10/03/2006 10:23 pm

i think some thing are worrng whit this serch becuse it cant find my site by this ip adress


10/12/2007 02:18 am

yea it is so confusing i am so confused with all the ip addrresses


11/28/2007 04:45 pm

i want to know this sites ip address its important to me because my bads computer at work dosent go to that site and it tells him to insert and ip address to contiue with the site requested... thanks for your help

Akhil Narayanan

03/19/2008 10:33 am

how to get ipadress of a set of sites or a perticular site

Kashif M

07/15/2013 08:24 am

WOW 48,900 results for my shared IP host !

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