What is Link Churn?

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Link churn which is mentioned in this patent application is "computed as a function of an extent to which one or more links provided by the document changes over time." Basically that means the rate a link and/or its anchor text change from an origin's page or document. The patent application discusses that Google may apply a penalty of your "link churn" is above the threshold, i.e. "63. The method of claim 62, wherein adjusting the ranking includes penalizing the ranking if the link churn is above a threshold."

The question is, what is that threshold?

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Jaimie Sirovich

01/09/2006 05:38 pm

DP network anyone? Also, would be interesting to note whether the points are plotted over long times or short times. An easy heuristic to pick up link networks is to hit a page twice.

Search Engines Web

01/09/2006 11:05 pm

There is a problem with that type of automation which dooms it to failure looking at Javascript News Feeds - that adorn many a sites - there may be a valid reason why fresh and updated links change - Sooner or later someone will get it thru their heads that it is just NOT practical to try to neutralize SEO strategies - this will just escalate and escalate - like the hi-tech WAR technology that many counties have... Sooner or later the forces involve will realize the benefits of compomise and communication - instead of turning this into a self-obsessed War-Sport.

No Name

04/20/2007 06:35 pm

Won't Google just keep moving the threshold? I think the idea has merit as with the potential end to link buying for "juice".

Zain Devraj

12/02/2010 05:49 am

Thanks for the article, I had read so many Google patent SEO factors but on Link churn I'm bit confused that changing of link and anchor text time to time? Which link here google is talking about? Inbound links or outbound links? Can anyone please define properly? Thanks!


01/13/2011 05:30 am

Link churn is the rate at which links on a page change over a given period of time.


01/26/2012 07:25 pm

Outbound links

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