MSN Index Pages Dropping Issues Reported

Jan 6, 2006 • 11:27 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

Reports via Webmasterworld that the indexed pages of many sites have been dropping this past week. Meaning, if you had 1,000 pages indexed by MSN two weeks ago, this past week, it may have dropped to tens of pages.

I have no proof, just reporting the discussion at Webmasterworld.

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01/07/2006 04:40 am

MSN's stats are not very good.

Chris Suarez

01/05/2007 09:06 am

This has been problem for a site that I have been working on too. All though every page has been dropped from the MSN index. The site will not even rank for its domain name Whiter than white. I have done some reading into this and it is recommended that the MSN bot will crawl more pages from a site if it is using the robots.txt file correctly. Since the site now has the robots.txt file I can see that more pages are being crawled by looking at the log files. But still, no pages have mad it into the MSN Live index. PS. The site is fully indexed in Google and Yahoo, so there are no problem there.


09/27/2008 03:35 am

i've submitted my site to msn, actually couple of sites but non of them indexed by msn. Dont know whats the problem.


01/15/2009 03:16 pm

I have the same situation allas

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