Irrelvant YPN Ads on Our Forum

Jan 6, 2006 • 8:37 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Publisher Network

I waited and waited a long time before posting anything on this. Google clearly understands that they need to show search related contextual AdSense ads on our forum. However, Yahoo! is showing ads about "Ionic Air Purifier by Oreck".

Ionic Air Purifier by Oreck YPN Ad

I figured I would wait until the forum was a week old before saying anything. Then I waited even longer but it is still showing these ads. It is a good thing I have my ads on rotation with Google AdSense and YPN.

But I do not rotate the ads in the RSS feeds or email subscriptions. So it looks really bad.

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james haft

01/06/2006 03:48 pm

We have the same problems at . Anyone have any ideas how to impact the ads which show up? jh

Mister Tut

01/06/2006 08:06 pm

Wow. Is that even with using YPN's site targeting option and excluding RON ads?

Barry Schwartz

01/06/2006 08:13 pm

Nope, no ad targeting set up for those pages. I don't think its an RON, but it may be. RONs shouldn't be constant, i think. Only if there is no contextual match, like when AdSense serves up PSAs. Keep in mind, YPN is still way in beta...


01/07/2006 04:42 am

I might enjoy a bit of ads like that on my site. Does not compete directly with my own merchandise.

Ammon Johns

01/07/2006 01:54 pm

Maybe Yahoo! are actually being the smart ones here... Google is showing ads about basic web services to your audience (which heavily features ADVANCED web service providers) and is kind of attempting to preach to the choir. Yahoo! is addressing your audience which has a heavy mix of work-from-home people who generally don't exercise as much as they should, are more likely to smoke than many groups, often don't get much fresh air, and are surely smart enough to at least sometimes worry about their unhealthy lifestyle and offering them an air purifier. If it wasn't random, and had been planned, it would actually be a brilliant move. :D

Barry Schwartz

01/07/2006 11:08 pm

Love the spin Ammon - I have no concerns with YPN at this time, non at all.

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