DomainPark - AdSense for Domains Sparks Huge Forum Debate

Jan 5, 2006 • 9:47 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

We discussed the big hype back in late December on AdSense for Domains and Poor Traffic where Danny called for reform of these types of products.

Lat yesterday evening a thread at WebmasterWorld was started named Domainers making Millions. With a title like that, it sure brought in a ton of response, at the time of writing this, it has 68 posts within its 5 massive pages. The thread is about how much money these "Domainers" are making from parked domains with the AdSense product on them.

The discussion in brief, discusses the anger some people have with this product, much of what was covered in the December entry. But as novice points out this is not new, there has always been these types of monetized park domains out there, even before AdSense. "AdWords ads appeared on parked pages before AdSense even started." And you see them all the time with Overture ads.

WebmasterWorld moderator, WebWork has a detailed suggestion for the DomainPark product. A bit too detailed for me to recap here, so check it out. There is currently no word from Google on this in the thread. With its current popularity, and it not even being featured on the WebmasterWorld homepage yet, I am sure we can expect some type of response from Google, I hope.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Clint Dixon

01/05/2006 06:14 pm

Monetizing from parked domains is indeed very old and I see nothing wrong in it. I think what we are seeing more and more of is jealousy of sucess taking over the forums and Internet in ways.

Andrew Johnson

01/05/2006 10:49 pm

Is this thread appearing as "on hold" to anyone else?

Barry Schwartz

01/05/2006 11:15 pm

Yea, I see hold: status: On Hold: This discussion is temporarily on hold pending administrative review. This simply means there was something about the post worth reviewing before public viewing. It could also mean work is being performed on the thread or foru

Claude Gelinas

01/11/2006 07:59 am

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