Ask Jeeves Gains Market Share: 77% Growth

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As many of you know, I got the underdog's back, and Ask Jeeves has been the underdog for a while now. Heck, they helped me propose to my soon to be wife, so of course I love them. ClickZ reports that Search Volumes Rise as Market Matures but in that report they note;

Ask Jeeves emerged as the highest-gaining search engine in the period.

The search engine experienced a 77 percent growth in market share to reach 2.6 percent.

I am so happy for Ask. A lot has happened to Ask since our Ask Jeeves: The Little Engine That Could entry here.

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Search Engines Web

12/15/2005 04:07 am

Ask and Teoma are producing more Relevant SERPs; However two concerns: Subject Specific Popularity - while in theory, a good idea, has not developed into anything spectacular... While Ask has had DirectHit's Click Popularity Technology for a while, unlike Google, Yahoo or MSN they do not appear to be using it. The only CHANGE that could account for their recent sharp rise, may well be getting rid of those 10 Sponsor Links that appeared above the organic listings, and were almost undectable - because they "blended in" so well. The bottom line may be that searchers want Relevant SERPs, with an OPTION to be curious about the Advertisers.

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