Get Out of the Sandbox

Dec 12, 2005 • 8:41 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

DaveN at Search Engine Watch Forums posts a gem on how to get out of the Sandbox. He names the thread Google Sandbox - Get out Feature and gives us these steps:

  • Get an old domain, something which google crawls
  • Then put a subdomain on it ... original
  • Copy the site exactly on the sub as it is in the orginal date last modifed to a few months after the domain was first registered
  • Add a Link from the real site something like www ( forget about seo anchor text links, these are just to let google in
  • Now 301 the subdomain to the new site

That is it, forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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09/20/2007 12:07 am

its not working anymore from now on..


09/20/2007 01:38 am

can you please explain it little that how the old copy of files shows that this sundomain is also old. What are the files to copy? Will you please explain.

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