Google AdSense Policies Updated

Nov 4, 2005 • 8:23 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

JenSense reports AdSense Policies update time again!. There has been changes to the "Ad Placement", "Code Modification", "Incentives", Language", and "Prohibited clicks and impressions" sections. See JenSense for the details.

We have JenSense's detailed thread at WebmasterWorld, but if you do not like WebmasterWorld, you can go over to the DigitalPoint thread that is discussing this topic.

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11/04/2005 02:08 pm

Just a guess: It's possible that they caching results. The cache index could be case sensitive, whilst the actual search engine per se is not.


11/04/2005 02:11 pm

Opps sorry, the above comment was meant for the "MSN is Case Sensitive" story.

Wiliam Rock

11/04/2005 06:17 pm

Just like say in the forum post make sure your website is compliant.


11/05/2005 09:52 am

With all the conflicts and questions surrounding this and other money-making, internet-based program, it is good to know that there are free services available, such as the <i>Jensense</i> weblog, to help us sort through all the cyberspace clutter. I hope that Jen continues maintaining her site for awhile longer!

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