Google Requesting Photocopies of Credit Cards

Oct 11, 2005 • 8:53 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

A suspicious thread is over at WebmasterWorld named Google Credit Card Copies Request where a member says Google sent him the following email.

Photocopy the front and back of the credit/debit card you used to set up your account. For security purposes, please black out the first 12 digits of your card number, leaving only the last 4 digits visible.

Fax it to the number ......... or send a scaned copy in an email.

The AdWords customer called Google to verify, which was smart and they told him that "it was legit but that the department requesting the copies did not have phone service capabilities to talk to me personally."

Why doesn't the billing department have "phone service capabilities"? And why does Google need those photocopies? And what about virtual credit card numbers?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Jeremy Hermanns

10/11/2005 09:29 pm

LOL - "Fax it to the number ......... or send a scaned copy in an email." They said "scaned" Gotta love Google


04/25/2006 03:33 pm

Good, You should have to send them copies of that stuff. It should have to be notarized and signed by a witness. My credit card was used to buy adwords and I didn't authorize the use. It paid for over $600n in adwords advertising and I had my card in my wallet the entire time. If that fraudster had been forced to fax or e-mail a copy of my card they couldn't have done it. As fior me, I will just sit here waiting to get my money back with no gas in my car and no food in my pantry cause people like you can't be bothered to verify your information.

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