Does Editing the Hex Values Break Adsense's TOS?

Oct 5, 2005 • 9:43 am | comments (1) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdSense

If you're an Adsense publisher, you can surely understand arran's point in this WebmasterWorld thread:

When considering the TOS surely you have to apply common sense?

Scenario : I want to change my text color from 000000 to 000033.

Option 1.

Log into adsense, locate my template, make the color change, regenerate the code, copy it to my html.

Option 2.

Change 2 digits in my html.

Surely people with even basic knowledge of html are not choosing option 1.

I believe editing the code in any way does break the Adsense TOS. But in that case, I think about half of us have broken the TOS! Hopefully AdsenseAdvisor will speak up on the issue...

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Scott Mitchell

10/06/2005 01:24 am

While this technically is a violation of the TOS, I don't think anyone would KNOW let alone care. A more interesting question is it a violation of the TOS to use CSS to modify the *rendered* appearance of the ads? I'd be surprised if the answer isn't buried somewhere in the TOS, but that seems like a more interesting question than this one, IMHO...

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