AdSense Compared to YPN: Advantage YPN

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Recently I was able to delivery both YPN & AdSense ads here on 50/50 rotation. In the past I used word of mouth to report on Google AdSense Versus Yahoo! Publisher Network performance. I did promised you to share some results, on a generic level, of the two programs compared side by side. So here we go...

Date Range: 09/09/2005 - 09/19/2005

Network YPN AdSense Advantage
Impressions Bit More Bit Less Slightly YPN
Clicks Bit More Bit Less Slightly YPN
CTR Equal Equal None
CPM Much Higher Much Lower YPN 81% Higher
Earnings Much Higher Much Lower YPN 82% Higher

So the reports seem to match much of what I reported here. Except for the fact that YPN had less click throughs. Let me tell you the ads matched 100% (excluding one saying Ads by Yahoo! and the other saying Ads by Google). I think its ok if I report these numbers in such a generic fashion.

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Justin Britt

09/19/2005 09:00 pm

This is interesting information. Thank you for sharing.


09/20/2005 01:11 am

What subject was the page you were doing this on and showing us the ads that the page was displaying. How about doing a few different pages that have different subjects to see if there are any differences.


09/20/2005 03:49 am

Thanks for the review, but given you drew significant attention to the fact that Yahoo now has these ads, I believe there was a skew for users to click on Yahoo ads out of curiosity. While the data is interesting, I doubt the sound validity of the research method.

Barry Schwartz

09/20/2005 12:51 pm

The ads were run only on this site, after the spike due to the "YPN curiosity" clicks. But I agree, we should rerun these test on dozens, if not hundreds of sites, to make it scientific.


09/20/2005 03:52 pm

If yahoo approves a couple blackhats we can do a massive test. Hundreds of sites? Make that thousands. I think I know a couple that got accepted but haven't heard anything about YPN from them yet. I applied with a couple sites but I haven't heard of them yet. I guess we'll have to wait until the beta is over.

Loren Baker

09/22/2005 12:37 pm

Saw this Google ad on your homepage today. At first I assumed it was a YPN ad because of the no-relevance factor, but it was Google AdSense. I don't know, maybe its targeted to Nacho. Date Sexy Hispanic Si... Meet Hundreds of Thousands of Singles from Other Races, Cultures.

Barry Schwartz

09/22/2005 12:48 pm

Did you click?


10/04/2005 05:11 pm

Google is not replying. Anyone know when yahoo is available for int'l webmasters?

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