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As most of you know, the content in the title of your pages is one of the most important on-page factors for good rankings (if not the most important on page factor). A question sprung up at HighRanking Forums under the thread title Repeating Text In Multiple Titles. The member basically asks, is it not good for SEO reasons to place your company name before the other keywords in your site?

For example, Your Home Page reads, "Company Name - Keyword Phrase". Your article pages read, "Company Name - Article Name", Your product pages read "Company Name - Product Name".

In my opinion, if you must brand your company and you must have the company name in each title, then place it at the end. So in our example above, it would look like, Your Home Page reads, "Keyword Phrase - Company Name". Your article pages read, "Article Name - Company Name", Your product pages read "Product Name - Company Name". On this site, the individual archives page, just include the title of the entry in the title of the page and nothing more. On some of my other sites, I use the keyword phrase followed by company name approach. But I rarely ever use the company name followed by the keyword phrase.

Why? Most importantly, the title is used in the search engine results pages. A person, most likely, will click on a title that starts off with the query they searched on (if the terms match the title) then on a title that starts with a company name. There are obvious considerations; big branded company names, the type of searcher and so on. But on a general level, this is the case.

Forum discussion at HighRankings Forum

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09/14/2005 02:26 pm

I like to use the company name at the beginning of the title cause it's what appears in the taskbar shortcut to IE or FF and it also appears in the tab title of FF. I think it's really usefull for the user being able to know what website he's on in each window. And I don't think it hurts that much the ranking of the pages as long as your company name is not 90 characters long ^_^ Well, that's just my $0,02 =)

Chris B

09/14/2005 03:41 pm

I am with Rusty 100% on this one...if it has to be there: put it at the end of the maximum of eight owrds (depending on legth). mes deux centimes

Gilad S

09/15/2005 02:08 pm

I think it really depends in the Company prestige and goals. If the site is of an respectable fortune company - I would tend to end the tag with it (presuming its short and brand-able), If its a mere traffic page that converts elsewhere - I wouldn't care less about the company's name.

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