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Jul 14, 2005 • 2:26 pm | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Blog Administration

There are certain aspects of this site that simply do not work properly. I have decided to hire someone to work on those issues. Why don't I do it in house? Well, the person I am hiring has MovableType expertise and my guys only do custom Web applications.

What will we be doing? (1) Upgraded from MovableType 2.x to MovableType 3.x (2) Fix CSS issue on IE with aligning graphics right or left, example (3) Ensuring all the plugins currently installed work, some broke over time. (4) Clean up the code in general

If you have suggestions or ideas, please let me know. This is not a redesign, just overall site maintenance.

Also, Movable Type has a directory of plugins, if you feel any would be useful, please let me know and we will do our best to get them running. Plugins are viewable at

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Helpful Stranger

07/14/2005 07:00 pm

Suggestions you say? Okay :- 1. Please fix your always-broken RSS full feed, so people can subscribe in Newsgator 2.0 (which is a bit fussy) :- 2. Either publish a means for feedback, or have someone read posted comments, to wit :- 3. Use an accessibility-friendly posting CAPTCHA? Image versions defeat people with visibility impairment as well as spammers. Here's a text version: it's for WordPress, but I expect there's a MT version too :- Thanks. Best wishes with the re-engineering.

Barry Schwartz

07/14/2005 07:12 pm

Thanks for the feedback. In response to # 2, we have a feedback for at the about us page # 3, I'll look into it but it seems to only work with WordPress and it is not even a final version. #1, no problem, but we do have other feeds that work properly.

Barry Schwartz

07/14/2005 07:35 pm

- I dont like how the bulleted list CSS works these days, clean it up. - Review blockquote feature

Ben Pfeiffer

07/14/2005 07:40 pm

Barry I agree about the list and blockquote CSS code. Its way to light that I don't use it sometimes as I don't think people can see it.

Helpful Stranger

08/02/2005 09:18 am

Thanks for fixing the full feed :) Re #3: Okay, but why not have the MT "someone" you hired, port WP-GateKeeper to make a MT-GateKeeper plugin (and find fame and widespread gratitude in doing so)? No? Okay, it looks like there are easy audio add-ons available :- Or you could just close your eyes to the issue :-

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