Weekly Podcast Reviews: Feedback Requested

Jun 28, 2005 • 2:49 pm | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Blog Administration

Ever since mid-April, I have been planning to start a podcast specifically for the purpose of providing weekly summaries of what we covered at this site. I used to write up summaries weekly or bi-monthly, but it was simply too much for me. I thought a good compromise would be something you can listen to at your convenience.

On April 22nd, MacWorld released an article named Start your own Podcast. I was simply waiting to have the time to set everything up, to do this somewhat professionally. Today, Apple release the new iTunes that supports an advanced podcast reader. With that they published a page that went live an hour ago named GarageBand Support for Recording Your Podcast. I am a Mac guy and I think I might go that route.


But before I spend the time and money, I wanted to know from you guys if this is something you would want to hear. Please leave a comment with your thoughts or email me at barry.schwartz@gmail.com. Thank you.

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06/28/2005 06:59 pm

Sounds like an interesting concept. I can see it being useful, over the weekend, listening to a recap of the weeks events to reinforce what happend. With things moving so fast, it's nice to have alternative methods for retaining the information.

Ben Pfeiffer

06/28/2005 07:04 pm

Love it!


06/28/2005 07:32 pm

Yes, bring on the podcasts. This is exactly the sort of think I am looking for.


06/28/2005 07:42 pm


Rick W

06/28/2005 08:45 pm

Great idea. I'd certainly use it!

Natasha Robinson

06/28/2005 09:05 pm

RB, In theory this sounds great. But I wonder how many people above would take the time to listen to it. Expecially if it is a recap. I'm guessing that the above commenters read this blog daily (multiple times even) as I do. Here's an idea: Maybe you could not just recap but include information that is not listed on the website. Such as more quotes from the forums that you cover, relating to the issue you are recapping. It would be great if you could share the stats on your podcast if and when you do get it set-up. Natasha Robinson

Nick W

06/28/2005 09:33 pm

I've been meaning to do this for a long time too (but not summaries), it's all about finding the time isn't it? I've had the mic and the setup for ages, but there just ain't enough hours in the day heh..! I wouldn't listen barry, but only becuase your on my rss and i dont *need* a summary. Good idea in general though, will certainly listen to at least one or two..


06/29/2005 01:44 pm

Rehashing the blog would not be worthwhile. I mean, how do I click on links for details with an MP3? Now, if you did roundtable discussions - get several "experts" together and just chat about what's going on...that might work for me.

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