Google Sitemap - Is there a real benefit?

Jun 14, 2005 • 11:00 am | comments (7) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine

When we-won't-do-SEO's-any-favors Google launched its new Site Map application, it was like dangling a carrot in the air and seeing who would bite. Is it worth going through the hassle of learning this thing just to get more web pages indexed?

Curious Cre8asite members wanna know, in Effect of new Google Site Map on SEO?

Question being:

"If your site is already indexed and ranking well, is there any benefit to submitting the Google Site Map from an SEO viewpoint?"

Not everyone is drinking Google's Koolaid. Michael, (aka "Projectphp") quips:

"For a static site with little changes, SiteMaps is a useful as tits on a Bull"

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06/14/2005 08:07 pm

I have to say that I recently launched a new site where it was sandboxed. One week after adding the sitemap there was a couple thousand percent incerase in the pages indexed.


06/15/2005 04:38 pm

>>"For a static site with little changes, SiteMaps is a useful as tits on a Bull" LOL!


04/24/2006 07:52 pm

I honestly think the sitemap ( in the case of dealing with Google ) is just another tool that they ( Google ) have put out there to drive people mad... There No1 in the world and it takes months for your site to get Indexed.. Then as said above " They dangle the carrot" with sitemaps.. Im using one with a new site... Interesting to see what happens!


06/02/2008 12:27 pm

Would be interesting to know how sparks flying went with that new site.


07/15/2008 05:44 am

I think it is (sitemap.xml) useful for changed website.


07/15/2008 05:48 am

By my personal SEO experience sitemap.xml useful for changed wesite.

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01/05/2012 03:12 pm

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