End of Toolbar PageRank?

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Its been about 24 hours and the Google Toolbar is still grayed out for all sites. I have not seen it myself, since I don't have a toolbar installed, but forums are buzzing about it. Is this the end to PageRank? Toolbar PageRank? Google?

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05/29/2005 02:21 am

I believe this is the elimination of PageRank as we know it. Google's "Trust Rank" algorithm has been around for awhile, but I dont believe fully implemented. Perhaps we're seeing the change from Pagerank to TrustRank. I believe it would be a mistake for Google to eliminate toolbar PR. PageRank is one of the greatest marketing tools Google has. Everyone in the web industry knows about it and many tailor their site to obtain a high PR without real concern of Yahoo, MSN or the other search engines.


05/29/2005 03:36 am

PR tools don't show pagerank either.

Michael Nguyen

05/29/2005 05:41 am

If this isn't a glitch, I believe this signals an effort by Google to remove all public access to PageRank stats. Public PageRank values serve no purpose outside of the SEO community and link buyers - Google knows this.

Ben Pfeiffer

05/29/2005 05:43 am

Thought this was a fluke at first (like I needed to update my toolbar or something) but obviously its going around wide spread. Maybe we should get plans together to give a final fairwell to Page Rank?

Barry Schwartz

05/29/2005 02:16 pm

End of Google? PageRank was created for the Webmaster, right? The Webmaster is getting smart on PageRank based on some of the prominent SEO/SEMs out there that are telling the truth about PR. PR is no longer that important to Webmasters. Google looks for new tool to market itself to Webmasters. Thinking out-loud.

aaron wall

05/29/2005 03:16 pm

>PageRank was created for the Webmaster, right? supposed to be created for relevancy, but after the algorithms had many other things added Google has decided to keep the virtually free marketing. >Public PageRank values serve no purpose outside of the SEO community and link buyers - Google knows this. PageRank is cheap marketing for Google. PageRank gives the average webmaster very little useful data while giving Google tons of marketing at a cheap cheap price, also inflating link costs for naive webmasters. My bet is the usual outdated PageRank comes back soon, although they may take time on displaying the data again just to see what sort of chaos it causes.

Julio Romero

05/30/2005 09:22 pm

PR is back... Little by little... The Google PR bar shows some PR over a few websites... I did search at Alexa my website www.tradecoupon.com (alexa 4,194) and from Alexa linked to the site I found the Google's PR had 3/10 over the site. However If I go to the site diretly it does not show a rank. Perhaphs is back little by little...

NZ Website Host

01/18/2006 10:00 pm

Has anyone noticed that pagerank doesn't show up in forums anymore - its always 0 or blank.


10/08/2006 11:45 pm

No I think that the toolbar is a tool that will continue to be used by google. Think about it, if you owned google would you not want to keep webmasters happy and provide them with some thing that may aid in help in their task. Its good PR (thats public realtions I am refuring to now not page rank, lol). Anyways, the tool bar is back and its working well in aiding me.


08/18/2007 12:31 am

Well, it might be back, but a few years later it looks like Google may just be getting ready to end it altogether. No update for over 4 months and rumors abound about its end. I think this is a bad idea for Google as PageRank gives Google a lot of free publicity.

Vijay Kumar

11/07/2008 06:34 am

Yes, even Chrome from Google doesn't have a PR indicator Vijay Kumar Manager - AdvocateKhoj http://www.advocatekhoj.com


01/02/2010 05:06 pm

Is there a new glitch today 2010? the recent pagerank update gave PR 0 to a lot of my websites ... anyone knows more?

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