Nominated for MarketingSherpa Award

May 26, 2005 • 2:04 pm | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Blog Administration

I was just notified that this site, has been nominated for the MarketingSherpa Award. That means if you like this site, you can go over to 2005 Readers' Choice Blog Awards - Voting Form and vote for the "Search Engine Roundtable". Question number 8 is where you will find "Blogs on search marketing" and we are the last in the list.

It is a true honor to have been nominated.

Voting ends Wednesday June 8th, and then we'll announce the winners. Prizes this year include a "Winner" icon for your Blog, a special coffee mug, and your name and blog URL on our site and in a press release. So please vote for us.

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Lee Odden

05/26/2005 06:27 pm

Hey Barry, Congratulations! My Online Marketing Blog also made it into, of all categories, "Blogs on Online Marketing"! Good luck to both of us! Lee

Barry Schwartz

05/26/2005 06:30 pm

I saw and voted for you.


05/26/2005 06:34 pm

Congrats! Voted for ya!


05/26/2005 07:00 pm

Well, as you are my first Bloglines read of each hour (before even SEW and Gizmodo), I had little choice but to rate you (and only you, as I recognized precious few others) as "Excellent". Just curious, in regards to Sherpa's list of prizes, when's the last time anyone saw the term "hotlink"? How delightfully retro... Seriously, though, well deserved.

Loren Baker

05/26/2005 07:43 pm

Congrats... maybe you can get Andy BEal to ask his staff to vote for SERoundtable. All 500 of them :))

Robert John

05/26/2005 09:31 pm

I can actually say that I voted for you - but what an exhaustive list Marketing Sherpa had! I had to go through most of the list to see what the sites looked like cos I'd not heard of half of them!

BJ Cook

05/27/2005 12:43 am

Hi Barry, like everyone else on here, this is the first thing I read in the morning as well from My Yahoo feeds. I voted for you too even though my blog was also listed in the same category!

Justin Sanger

05/27/2005 02:32 am

Your doing great work.

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