Being Banned - A Blessing in Disguise

May 17, 2005 • 4:43 pm | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search & Web SEO Spam

randfish, started a very interesting thread over at Search Engine Watch Forums named Banned by Yahoo! - A good thing? The story is that one of his clients (or maybe his site) was banned by Yahoo! for being perceived as being spammy (probably has to do with Yahoo!'s overly aggressive duplicate content filter). Their rankings drop in Yahoo!, but the client (office managers) have no idea. In fact, the client calls randfish and asked him, "how did you manage to filter out the bad requests?" In fact, the randfish tells us that his client claims "it's been great for productivity so far."

Few things...

(1) Does Yahoo! provide less relevant referrals in the commercial real estate market? (2) Do "spammy sites" make for less productive office environments? (3) Does Google and MSN provide better results then Yahoo!? Even though, so far, our tests show that Yahoo! is the most relevant.

This should make for an interesting thread.

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05/17/2005 09:55 pm

(probably has to do with Yahoo!'s overly aggressive duplicate content filter) What duplicate filter. I see example after example of the same content dominating the serps in the real estate market.

Barry Schwartz

05/17/2005 10:03 pm

I mean, duplicate-like, internal content. What do I know, I don't work at Yahoo! Also I do know one "Jeremy" that requires a real email address and blog URL before posting. ;) But that Jeremy, I really do know, is not you, I think.

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