at Ranked #2 for Query Google

May 9, 2005 • 3:48 pm | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Do a search at Google for google and where do you find the result for the main homepage? Currently, I see as the number one result and as the number two result. In terms of relevancy, should be number one. But when you click it redirects you to


Over at Search Engine Watch Forums they are discussing if the url should show first or the deskbar. You will also notice the result under the last result in the image above is to, the https version redirect to and the non secure goes to the correct place. Nice to see.

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05/09/2005 08:25 pm

Google gets burned by its own redirect bug. How cool is that.

Barry Schwartz

05/09/2005 08:29 pm

LOL - Too Funny.

Michael Nguyen

05/09/2005 08:40 pm

Yeah way too funny, can't wait to see how they address this.


05/10/2005 04:06 am is showing up first for me now.

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