How Deep to Go When Rank Checking?

Apr 29, 2005 • 8:52 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

A thread at Cre8asite Forums named Ranking Check Depth discusses the topic of how deep should one go when checking their rankings. Many people I know check their rankings either with a tool or manually. Either way, how deep do most people go when they check their rankings and how deep should they go?

I personally do not go beyond the 100th result, or 10th page of the search engine results. Honestly, anything beyond the 5th page, might not be worth checking. But a 100 results is a good number because (1) most engines let you show 100 results on a single page and (2) most search engines provide 1 - 10 links to the results pages.


Check out the thread to see what others do and why they do it.

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Stoney deGeyter

05/02/2005 07:31 pm

As far as what matters, I would say anything beyond #30 (or third page). But in checking rankings I go to 100. This helps give an indication when things start to move up (or down)in the rankings. You can see trends early on. If you stop at #30 you can miss out on much of this important analysis.


08/13/2006 06:17 pm

Does anyone know, where I can go and check the ranking for my website 10 pages deep?

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