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Apr 15, 2005 • 12:53 pm | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Blog Administration

I have been noticing that more and more feeds that I have been reading with my RSS reader have text ads at the bottom. I have about 500 Bloglines subscribers to this blog, so I assume there are about 1,000+ RSS subscribers in total, but I am unsure. The actual Web traffic to this site, is way above those RSS subscriber numbers. So I think I am going to give it a try. If you this sounds interesting to you, please email me at or

The new wave of Web ads. If you are unsure of what an RSS reader looks like, here is a sample of one of the feeds at Blogline for this blog and here is one with ads.


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04/15/2005 06:08 pm

Why dont you give Custom Reader a try as a desktop agrregator that you can offer your subscribers. It has full online statistic control panel, lets you know who subscribes to what and what feeds your users read (if they allow that option) Best of all its free. After all i read this post using it.

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