Cre8asite Forum Throws Party for Bill's 10,000th Post

Apr 12, 2005 • 8:49 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under SEO & SEM Forum News

The tagline at the very top of the Cre8asite Forums this morning reads "We Celebrate Bill Slawski (bragadocchio) as He Reaches 10,000 Posts!" I can not count the number of times I have quoted Bill's posts at this site. His dedication to the SEM community is evident of this monumental achievement of 10,000 posts. In Cre8asite family style, the Cre8asite people have started a thread to hold a Virtual Party for Bill's 10k Mark. In addition, Cre8asite collected enough for a gift certificate for $235 from Amazon. This party was a total surprise for Bill, he had no idea it was coming up. Just check out the kind words that have been said already towards bill at the thread, he deserves them all. Great work Bill!

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04/12/2005 03:34 pm

Thank you, Barry. The posts, the header change, all of it, was a total surprise. But I feel really fortunate and blessed this morning. What started as a labor of love, with the formation of Cre8asite Forums, continues to be one for me. I've learned so much by participating, and being involved with a great bunch of folks. Community is built one post at a time, whether it's in a forum like Cre8asite, or some of the other great SEO forums out there, and in blogs like your's, Barry. It's built by many hands, and many hearts. I'm really proud to be part of the Cre8asite family, and the SEM communities, and really thankful to all of those who work so hard to support others, and share their thoughts and experiences.

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