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There is an interesting thread taking place at WebmasterWorld named Yahoo's re-review process. The topic is not as interesting as the pattern seen in the thread. The topic is basically about how Yahoo! is slow to respond or unresponsive to "re-review requests" submitted through the Yahoo! Search - Second Review Request form. I do not blame Yahoo! for not being so responsive to these requests, the other engines are not, so why should they?

The topic that interests me more is that there is a pattern being seen in that thread of people reporting that Yahoo! has only indexed their home pages and possibly a second page - but no more. The thread creator said, "I specified that the site was listed in the index, but only the home page." An other member reports that "They have gone from having 2 pages in the index to 49 now" after using the form. Yet an other said, "If they arent going to index more than my homepage I might as well ban slurp from my sites all together!" And an other, "I just did a, and also just found my homepage listed as well."

Often with cases like this, there are some sort of filters, like duplicate content filters, that cause this event. However, I have a specific site that I am working on that has the same issue. I have been in discussion with the folks at Yahoo! about it, but I have not received anything solid as of yet. We believe that it had to do with a previous domain name being used as an alias to the, now, main domain name. But no improvement on the indexing as of yet. In addition, the site is purely unique from content, html, layout, colors and everything. Oh, and its very white hat. As soon as I hear anything that I can share, I will share.

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04/07/2005 03:25 pm

I had only 10% of my site indexed by Yahoo, than I made a few changes and it increased up to 20%. Last week I added sitemap and wow - yesterday I see my site 100% indexed and cached. May be I just got lucky...


04/07/2005 03:31 pm

to specify - I started to create an rss feed that points to my new pages this is when indexed pages increased up to 20%, but only now I actually see that RSS availability is added to my reluts in Y! So, I'm not sure what exactly made it.

Barry Schwartz

04/07/2005 03:35 pm

Yahoo! loves RSS but for an e-commerce site to have an RSS feed, might be overkill. News sites need RSS feeds, I can see everything being RSS compatible but why go that far? The site in question (my clients) has a nice site map, trust me, its very search friendly.


04/07/2005 04:27 pm

Well, from linking perspective it might be helpful to my members. I give them possibility to create their own pages describing services they provide and areas they serve, which is pretty important for them - RSS feed shows all the new submissions - why shloudn't they be announced? This site represents my slowly thiking through the web :) if I get any good ideas I implement them, but I wouldn't call it an eCommerce project. I'm trying to look through each submission manually and if I find it helpful resource I accept it and let everyone know about it through my RSS feed - do you think this is "overkill".


04/07/2005 04:34 pm

I think I see your point now when I read my message again - I don't do RSS for all the new pages, just for the new listings. Each listings has their own page and can be modified - member can put their own content and even include their own blog feed to show their very own news. I don't link to all the pages :)


04/07/2005 05:43 pm

I had 5 new sites that when up to 28 to 600 pages and then about a week ago all dropped down to only one page in the index. I am guessing dup content.


04/07/2005 08:03 pm

I've seen that too with someone else but that was about crosslinking and the only homepage was just beauce of the paid submission - all other pages were banned.

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