Google's April Fools Jokes?

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Last year today Google launched Gmail, we covered it under the title of GMail - Google Email Service to Offer 1GB Mail for Free - Not a Hoax. Today is April Fools day in 2005 and a bunch of Google pranks have been released.

(1) Google Gulp a new sports drink released by Google. This seems to be the only real Google prank out there, by Google.

(2) Google increased Gmail to 2GB, at least battellemedia says its no hoax. In fact, I see my read "You are currently using 15 MB (1%) of your 1331 MB." So its more then 1GB right now.

(3) Released this morning, funny how the results come out. Looks like this prank was sprung up by Philipp Lenssen.

(4) Let's not forget, the place to go to buy your Underwear. This is not by Google, but check em out.

Google Gulp and 2GB Gmail discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

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04/01/2005 02:12 pm

I've found this today : Tell me this is a joke ...


04/03/2005 06:30 pm

You might want to see this ->

Colleen and James

04/01/2007 02:16 pm

This April fools day we want to be something really funny. So for our joke this year ask someone when there by themself and say. Every question i ask you.. You have to answer with "PEA GREEN SOUP" OK. so what did u have for dnner last night? What did u have for snack? What did u have for lunch? What did u do al llast night. ahah dont u feel like a dummy now.. its a great laugh and it works. Good luckk hope it does. =] hhappy april fools day! good luck with jokes!


04/01/2007 04:18 pm

google's 2007 april fools joke is free highspeed internet that connects through a fiber optic cable that you flush down your toilet. Ha Ha. It is deffinetly a joke.


04/01/2007 07:46 pm

google's other 2007 prank is Gmail sent through snail mail


04/02/2007 04:17 am

Chris is right, the new April Fool's joke is the free hi-speed wireless internet that you flush down the tiolet. You realize it's a joke when it says, "and a NANOBOT should be there within 15 minutes." Very funny joke actually because it looks realiscit enough!


04/02/2007 08:52 am

Googles Free TiSP - very funny. I believed it at first! Was going to order one...

Michael Wilson

04/02/2007 05:17 pm

Google TiSP (BETA) is a fully functional. April Fool’s April Fool’s Day is a big holiday at Google. This year you saw the toilet broadband service. I thought it was pretty good! In fact i thought it was real for a second. I actually did not have time to look it over so i made a note to do so today when i got to the office. I said google dsl... hrmmm sounds good. As i went to look for it today i noticed i was fooled! Nice one Google ;p Michael Wilson


04/01/2008 11:49 pm

Google wake-up kit. I believed it at first until it said a bucket of water and flipping bed. It would be cool though. You should go for it google!! check this out!!

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