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An other whacky thread at DigitalPoint forums named Why does google own this domain? Some member must of randomly typed in and ended up at a Google page.

Its very interesting, don't you think?

The answer: Take a look at your telephone keypad, and match up the numbers to the letters.


Those Google people are such geeks. I bet others have done this as well, and if not, they are going to do it now. :)

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03/31/2005 04:56 pm

More info about that in Google: - -

Barry Schwartz

03/31/2005 05:00 pm

Thanks Michel, that explains it.


03/31/2005 05:06 pm

Yahoo owns /org /info /biz but the .com ?

Brian Faxless Guy

11/19/2005 06:01 pm

Wow talk about mega nerds. This has got to be the biggest case of geekism and nerdism out there. Whats Next, there own search world out in space? peace


08/07/2007 06:28 pm

This isn't about geekism or pride or whatever you idiots want to call it. it's to make google easier to access from a phone. They have even confirmed this. Google is about being an easy to use and effective search engine, not about being geekier than everyone else.


03/24/2008 01:06 pm is what we call a 'Number That Works" 1-Dash and 1-Dial domains begin with a 1- Best examples: (pizza on a keypad) Domains that look like phone numbers.

Nicholas Dufton

06/03/2008 07:34 pm

Actually when they made Google UK and Google they made a website called Google English which when you the numbers took you to and yes they also used this site for your phones! Yet they then decided that if you are from the UK you should be automatically re-directed to good UK all the time as the search results are move relevent to you and as such scrapped the Google English homepage and kept it for your mobile phones, so Michel you were half right.


06/04/2008 07:42 pm

Music Google Owns 466453.


05/26/2009 11:06 pm

If you send a text message to 466453 its like a google search. The results are texted back to you. Maybe that has something to do with it.

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