Google Adds "Find Web Pages From..." Option

Mar 30, 2005 • 9:34 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

I haven't found any forum threads on this as of yet, so I started my own at Search Engine Watch Forums. Basically, DaveN points out that Google added a new option to its site look up. The option is, "Find web pages from the site" Try searching on at Google and you will notice it.


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Natasha Robinson

03/30/2005 02:45 pm

Dude, (can I call you dude? - LOl) - I was just now looking at that while doing some searches in google. It's so much easier this way. BTW sir (can I call you sir?) I know this is off topic.... but was wondering if you knew of any posts about the MSM "search builder" - "results ranking" feature. Was running some tests and I get different results when I use Approximate match/ exact match and when I use quotes... any clues. Thanks in advance, Natasha Robinson

Natasha Robinson

03/30/2005 02:46 pm

Haven't had my coffee yet, that would be MSN!!

Barry Schwartz

03/30/2005 02:56 pm

Nothing more then what they have in their help section at this time. I will ask around and keep my eyes open in the forums and post anything here.

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