Dollars & Cents: AdSense No Longer Shy

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One of the items I have neglected to mention in the entry I wrote about the revised AdSense Terms of Service was that you can now openly discuss how much money you are making. Before this was against the TOS, and if you were caught releasing this information, you could have been kicked out of the program.

Talking about income is a touchy topic for many in the United States. I would never ask someone, "hey, how much you make working at that place?" If someone asked me that, I would be shocked and possibly a bit disturbed. But I did spend some time outside of the US and in some places, there is nothing wrong or even upsetting about asking someone a question like that. My brother told me, he was once on a bus in a country outside of the US, and someone simply asked him, how much does he make. He was shocked, but the guy explained that this is something that is discussed openly in that culture.

Anyway, back to my point, if you want to discuss your earnings with AdSense, you now can and many are at WebmasterWorld.

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03/18/2005 06:03 pm

It is true and the main reason why it happens, I think, that in the US most peple are being paid individually based on their experiance, productivity, achievements etc.. and the difference in our earnings can be very big even if we do the same job. In countries like former USSR (Russia, Ukraine, Belorus etc) they don't get raises too often - usually based on time you've been working at the same place. If you going for a sales manager - you'll be paid exactly the same what other sales managers (in the company) get (unles you're on commission). People talk freely about it because there is no big difference between salaries on similar positions. It is different when you ask selfemlpoyed person, or a private businessman - they won't tell honestly, but regular people will. They used to standard scales which are pretty open and everyone knows what they get if they move up in the position or serve so many years. It is changing a bit now since most of those countries trying to go democratic way and there are less and less standards and more ways to get your life streight and make more money. When I just arrived in the US (4 years ago) I heard from american employers (between each other) that they hate when european students share between each other how much they make in this or that place, because when they were coming for work they were saying - "Why do you pay John 8.50/hr and only 7.50 to me and we work the same shifts and do the same job?" At the same time huge corp. makes a deal with International Exchange Sutents organization for spring and sumemr - pays european college kids $10.00/hr - writes off their taxes at the end of the year, but gives less hours to their own american employees which make $8.00/hr and europeans still talk about how much they make - you know how pissed off locals get?... this is from my own experiance. There is individual approach in the US, but in easter europe they simplify this things.. I'm not making a point here, just a few facts :)

Barry Schwartz

03/18/2005 07:05 pm

Very interesting Max, thank you for sharing!

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